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We haven't setup any tournaments yet.

Quote                                        Mess with the best                    die like the Rest


                    DEATH COMES QUICK
                                                             YOUNG GUNS SQUAD

D.C.Q. has grown to be the largest and most successful gaming community on PLAYSTATION NETWORK and now on WOW WORLD OF WARCRAFT ! D.C.Q. is moving forward and NOT looking back ! With talented leaders who are working on different and important things, D.C.Q. has an amazing future! The leaders are all working for the same goal and as a team, which is always the most important ingredient for success. D.C.Q. has the support of most of our neighboring gaming communities. Nothing is better than all of the gaming communities working and playing the game together. PSN has never been a more fun and exciting environment then right now. There are several gaming communities out there for you to choose from all with different approaches. We would like to welcome the new branch from DCQ  the YOUNG GUNS SQUAD yes you read right we have a squad for 10-17yrs of age . there commander in charge is LEXIKAY3  .  

                            D.C.Q. & Y.G.S.                         
            is about 3 things: 

  •                            Sportsmanship
  •                            Respect
  •                            Fair Play

These three characteristics are very important to all of the members of D.C.Q. & Y.G.S. ! The quality of the gamer is most important and represents those values! When you have quantity versus quality, those values are forgotten. In a perfect world every gamer on  PSN would share these same values. But unfortunately that is not the case. D.C.Q. & Y.G.S. provides the best gaming environment for everyone ! Everyone’s ideas are heard and the majority and not the individual run it. D.C.Q. & Y.G.S. is working hard to supply the highest quality gamer for our members to play with and get to know. WOW INFO ARGENT DAWN REALM ON US AND HORDE SIDE.
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